This website originally began in 2000 as a place for me to learn html and later PHP. At one time it was a rambling personal journal and for a short time a lively political blog. Today I provide you, my reader, a place to read what I hope are interesting thoughts and commentaries on books, technology, education, religion, and public policy. It is my desire that you find I bring a unique prospective on issues of the day or introduce you to something new that enhances your life.


I have a Master of Divinity in Ethics and Stewardship as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. My background includes two terms on two federal advisory committees, 10 plus years in fundraising and non-profit leadership, and 10 years in public policy and lobbying. Today I write grants for the Gainesville Independent School District in Gainesville, Texas.

I am married to my wife Alicia Lynch since April 25, 2009. We have two children, Rylen, who passed away in 2017, and his little sister Aryanna.